The name Conor McGregor was all over Saturday night’s UFC 179 main event, as even the fallen Chad Mendes made sure to call “Notorious” out after his loss to Jose Aldo.

Mendes suffered just the second defeat of his career, with both coming at the hands of the UFC featherweight champion. Unlike the first meeting that ended at 4:59 of Round 1, Mendes (16-2) pushed him the distance.

When asked after the 25-minute battle if he thought a win was achievable via decision heading to the fifth, Mendes gave an honest answer.

“I was just going so hard I didn’t know what was going on,” he said. “I was trying to mix things up.”

He continued from there, adding “There is one lucky person that the decision didn’t go my way. Conor McGregor, I am still looking forward to whooping your ass one day buddy.”

McGregor was in attendance, as he hosted a Fight Club Q&A earlier in the week. He is scheduled to face Dennis Siver in January from Boston.

For Mendes, the war with Aldo was filled with interesting moments. The challenger was cited for a pair of eye pokes and a low blow, while there was also an accidental head butt. But, the most telling call was not made after the champion landed two shots after the bell sounded to end the first round.

“He rung my bell for sure,” Mendes said. “I was rushing to get my wits back, but holy shit, that was fun.”