Martin Kampmann was a guest on a recent edition of Submission Radio, where he discussed his own fighting future, working with Team Alpha Male as a coach and even playing poker against the veteran voice of the Octagon, Bruce Buffer.

Kampmann (20-7) hasn’t fought since a 2013 loss to Carlos Condit – which was his second straight finish after a knockout defeat to Johny Hendricks in 2012. Overall, “The Hitman” owns a 11-6 record with the promotion, including a win over Condit.

When asked about the prospects of competing again, Kampmann said “You never say never, but I can’t see myself fighting anytime soon.” He did further explain just who he would come back to meet, having some fun at the same time.

“Man I don’t even know. I haven’t thought about it. Somebody maybe in a weight class below me missing and arm or a leg like an easy (guy). Like a complete walk over,” he said. “That’d be be awesome. Just collect the pay day and get used to, you know walking out again and all that stuff. They always give me tough ass fights. I’ve never had any easy fights in the UFC. It’s you know all Top-10 guys or title-contender guys. I’ve had a bunch of tough fights, it’d be nice to get an easy walk over for once right?”

Kampmann was brought in to replace Duane Ludwig as head coach for Team Alpha Male and fighters such as UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, perennial title contenders Chad Mendes and Urijah Faber, and others.

“I have a lot of stuff. It’s mostly small stuff. Obviously they have a tone of great guys, but I think it’s the little guys, it’s the little things,” he said. “Everybody still makes mistakes, so picking up those mistakes and correcting those and taking all those weaknesses out of your game is a big part you know. Cause every time you have a little weakness that’s a possibility for your opponent to exploit that. So I’m trying my best to be the coach that I would have always wanted to have for myself and that’s my whole way of looking at it. And I’m really focused on MMA as a whole, not just one part of the game.”

As for another part of his life, poker, Kampmann said he would have to bet for himself in a head-to-head battle with Buffer.

“Obviously I have to put myself up there. I can’t bet against myself,” he said. “I got confidence I got confidence.”