Tony Ferguson is well known for winning The Ultimate Fighter 13, but like every fighter, his diet is incredibly important heading into a fight. Ferguson is a little different than most fighters and explained this during the interview.

“I really don’t hit the sauna anymore. I’m going to rely on my nutritionist to have my all-pro science supplements aiding my other dietary supplements. Probably in the morning I’ll have eggs, something light, maybe even egg whites, you know a little bit healthier I guess.”

Ferguson relies heavily on the people around him. He has a great team of nutritionists and dieticians and surrounds himself around people he can trust. Having a great nutritionist allows him to be told what to eat, and what not to eat and that can be incredibly beneficial while trying to cut weight, and getting ready for a fight. However, he would prefer it if he were cooking his own food, despite having a good team around him.

“Obviously for me, preferably if I could cook my own food. It would be a lot of vegetables, fruits, egg whites, boiled chicken with some spinach and some brown rice. I like to try to eat that sparingly throughout the week, so that way I don’t feel like I’m dieting.”

Ferguson’s diet has seemed to be working as of late as he has won nine of his last 10 fights. Ferguson’s next fight is scheduled against Abel Trujillo on December 6, 2014 at UFC 181.