Tom ‘Kong’ Watson is now stranger to the fight game but at one point was new on the scene entering into his fight MMA fight. The veteran of 24 professional fights including 17 wins is one of the most well known fighters coming out of England.

Watson entered the UFC in September of 2009 and has racked up 2 wins in 5 tries against very stiff competition.

“My first fight was maybe two hours from where I grew up. I was in England and I basically just called up a promoter who owned Cage Rage at the time and I called the fight myself and actually fought someone with the same Sirname as me. He actually had the same name as my dad so that was a little strange. It was in an octogan ring which I don’t think maybe people have fought in an octogan ring. It was quick. It was under a minute. It was technically a guilatine choke – my only submission. But really it was kind of knees to the head. It was a good experience. It was what got me hooked to MMA.”