Ross Pearson should not have to worry about retiring anytime soon, but he talked about what he wanted to do after his MMA career was over. Pearson was quite funny in the discussing of this topic and had some great responses.

“Hopefully be rich and famous and live in the Hollywood hills.” “Take my bike out, ride my Harley Davidson along the seafront. You know the hectic life, the busy life, you know, what these rich and famous people do,” chuckled Pearson.

Pearson was joking for the most part about being rich and famous because he loves MMA too much. MMA is his lifestyle and it’s what he has known for his entire life. Compiling a 16-7 MMA record right now, the 30-year-old should still be able to fight at a highly competitive level for a few more years.

“I want to be involved in MMA somehow, or someway. Whether it be a fight manager, team coach, have my own gym, I want to be involved in the sport somehow. I’ve dedicated my life to this; I couldn’t just switch off and do something else. This is my life, MMA is me. It’s apart of who I am,” said Pearson.