Uriah Hall loves to give back.

“One of the biggest things I’m focused on is our youth.” he tells us.

“I was bullied a lot and I know it’s still happening. I’m trying to help others comes out of that dark hole. I know the feeling of it and it’s hard for people to understand. They think since it happened back then that you should get over it, but that’s an emotional scar that doesn’t go away.”

Hall grew up in New York and the big city can be cruel for kids. Hall is looking to turn that negative into a positive.

“Hopefully I can continue to do that.”

He also has learned so much from martial arts and would like to stay involved in that.

“I want to stay teaching martial arts. For me it was the structure of it and the wisdom and the knowledge.”

Sounds like Hall will make a real difference when he hangs up his gloves.