The Brazilian born Fabrico Camoes has had a long career as a MMA fighter. Training under the great Royler Gracie, Camoes is a third degree black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has had a great journey.

“When I was 12-years-old, I started training in Rio de Janeiro… My very first fight was in 1997 and since then I started competing in not just jiu-jitsu, but in MMA [and] submission wrestling,” said Camoes.

Camoes came into MMA very fast as he was put into many fights early and often. Camoes’ first fight he ever competed in was a tournament, in which he won his first fight and then fought against Anderson Silva for 27-minutes in the final. Afterwards, Camoes continued to fight in all of the biggest Brazilian competitions before moving to the United States in 2007.

“I moved to USA back in 2007. I competed in ShoXC. I did three fights in that organization and then I fight in Strikeforce. I made one fight in the Strikeforce and then my contract over. Then UFC got a call to compete in the UFC.”

There was much controversy during his first stint with the UFC. His first fight in the UFC ended in a draw against Caol Uno after a point was deducted from him for an illegal upkick. Camoes was only associated with the UFC for two fights, but returned to the organization two years later competing in three fights; most recently in a loss to Tony Martin at UFC 179.

Camoes has had some ups and downs in his MMA career and after three consecutive loses in the UFC, it’s unclear where his career is headed. However, the one thing that is clear about him is his will and desire to fight.

“Fighting is my life. I couldn’t stop fighting,” stated Camoes.