“UFC Tonight” brought in a pair of guest hosts familiar with the heavyweight division to discuss tonight’s UFC Fight Night 51 main event between Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Andrei Arlovski earlier this week.

Silva and Arlovski will meet from Brazil on UFC Fight Pass in a rematch of a 2010 meeting won by Silva while both were in Strikeforce.

Brendan Schaub, who recently lost to Arlovski, is set to return to action later this year against Travis Browne. He had some keen points about the fighting style of “The Pitbull.”

“I’m hoping Arlovski doesn’t bring the same attitude as he did against me. He seemed scared and tentative against me,” Schaub said. “Bigfoot is a monster. Andrei was flat footed. Bigfoot’s going to come out, take him down, and TKO him.”

As for his own fight, Schaub said “It’s a big one. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. You win this and you’re right in the contender spot.”

Daniel Cormier, a former heavyweight now set to contend for the UFC’s light heavyweight title, wonders if we will ever see the same Arlovski that one ruled by carrying the championship.

“He has to be the guy we remember from back in the day. He can’t do what he did in the last fight against Bigfoot. Bigfoot out-boxed him. I know he’s a better boxer than Bigfoot. Andrei has to change something,” Cormier said. “He hasn’t showed me he’s improved since being gone from the UFC. Bigfoot has all the skills to go in there and smash him.”