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Anderson Silva Making Progress, But Thinking Retirement Is Nearing

Anderson Silva

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva continues to work to overcome the horrific injury that left him inside the Octagon last December screaming in pain.

Silva, who suffered a broken leg when Chris Weidman checked a kick, is set to return to action in January against Nick Diaz at UFC 183. As he continues to work to get back to 100-percent physically, “The Spider” is finding it troubling getting to that level mentally.

“I’m having an accompaniment of a psychologist so I take the ghosts of those horrible moments (away),” said Silva, in a recent interview with Fantastico. “At the time of the workouts I get kinda worried. I know I can perform the movement, but I end up not doing (it) because of fear.”

Silva has rehabbed his way through the months after seeing his tibia and fibula snapped by the move. Many have questioned if he should even try to fight again, and Silva himself seems to be wondering that same thing.

“I’ve been through that thing to be the champion, you have the belt and such,” he said. “The truth is that Ayrton Senna will only have a Pele will only have one and Anderson Silva will only have one. Then, well, who saw, saw. Who has not seen, no longer sees.

“I have no more patience (for being the champion). I think every day I get closer to retiring.”

As his fighting career ends, Silva is working towards getting more involved in acting, something he wants to also do to the best of his abilities.

“I want (to be a good actor),” he said. “That is my goal. I do not pretend to be a Denzel Washington, but I hope to get close.”

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Well look like this fight is in jeopardy of happening. Diaz got arrested in Dec for a DUI, then refused to go to multiple court dates before finally surrendering on August 15th, then on August 31st he got arrested again for a DUI.

  • Dufresne says:

    I kinda figured this fight had better odds of not happening than of Diaz winning. I’ve got it at 4:1 that it doesn’t happen in light of these new developments.

    Maybe they’ll have Silva v Jacare if Diaz does have to pull out. Dana seems to think Jacare needs another fight before he gets a title shot, and I can’t think of anyone other than Machida to match him up with.


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