Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal believes that “anything’s possible” when it comes to Bellator MMA competing neck-and-neck with the UFC.

One thing the former college wrestling standout does know for sure is that there is currently too much MMA available for fans.

“The way MMA’s looking, I don’t think it’s looking that bright right now,” he said, during a recent interview on Submission Radio. “The future of MMA is kind of murky because the market’s been over-saturated.

“People are having all these shows, having these pay-per-views; they’re trying to get money from all these people and they’re putting on sub-par shows. I think that eventually things have to change. Have less shows, more quality and they’ll do better.”

Recently, the UFC held two events on the same day again, with the shows airing from two different countries. Bellator plans to go away from the weekly events schedule of the past in 2015.

Along with the needing to change the way events are ran, Lawal believes the pay structure could use some change.

“In boxing what happens is you get your show money, and whatever you make, win or lose, is what you get. I feel like that would be better because if you tell a fighter, ‘Hey you’re going to make 75 and 75,’ the fighter’s gonna be like, ‘You know what? I gotta win. So I’m gonna go out there and just win,'” Lawal said. “But if you tell a fighter, ‘Hey I’m gonna give you 150 straight up,’ he will just go out there and fight. He has no worries.

There’s no worries, just go out there and fight. Instead of the win bonus, just gave him the pay bonus. It’s like this, if they get a knockout, then give ’em a little extra but if they go out there to fight, then that’s good enough. Just pay them the money.”

Lawal (12-4) is slated to return to action next week against Marcus Sursa at Bellator 123. He was expected to meet Tom DeBlass, but an injury knocked DeBlass out.

“The opponent change don’t matter (because) whoever’s gonna fight me, I’m fighting to knock’em out,” he said. “I promote violence, so I’m trying to get out there and do my damage and win the fight.”