In case you have forgot, Michael Bisping and Cung Le want to make sure you remember they are fighting this weekend in China.

The middleweights will occupy the main event of UFC Fight Night 48 on Fight Pass early Saturday morning. Recently, “The Count” and the former Strikeforce champion had another interesting verbal exchange during media events.

Bisping, who is coming off a loss to Tim Kennedy, reflected on a previous press event in China to help promote the contest.

“Cung Le is a bit of a phony. I went to Macao for the launch press conference with Cung Le in June, and I was very polite, very professional. I exchanged all the pleasantries, gave him all the small talk as you are supposed to in these situations and I even went as far as pretending to be absolutely blown away that he’s apparently friends with Channing Tatum,” he said. “Basically, I went out of my way to be nice to him and everything was very civil. We promoted the fight, shook hands, and went back home to train for the fight.

“Then I see him on doing a Fight Club (question and answer) and he’s talking a load of bollocks about me. Basically, he’s jumped on the same old, boring bandwagon everyone else who fights me does with is to say what a smack-talker I am while, as always, they are the ones who talk crap first. What a phony. If he had a problem with me then he could have spared me all the boring anecdotes about Channing Tatum.

“One fan at the Q&A asked him what his gameplan was and he said ‘Flying tornado kicks and thunder and lightning!’ What does he think we are going to be doing in the Venetian Macao? Playing Tekken 4? It was another cheesy, embarrassing line from a cheesy, embarrassing actor.”

Bisping referred to Le, who has appeared in numerous films, as a “B-actor” and that he plans to send him back to Hollywood after the fight.

“I’m going to put a beating on him, and he can disappear again back to b-movies. I have to close the distance on him, because he needs space to generate power in those fancy kicks of his,” he added. “He’s got nothing at close range; everything is at a distance for him. And, at 42, he’s got no gas in the tank. He’s got four minutes or so in him – then he’s absolutely knackered. This is a five round fight and he’s 42 years old and hasn’t fought in two years. He had no gas in his first UFC fight three years ago, so he’s not going to be in better shape now. I’m going to take this win, cement my place in the Top-10, and then go about getting back to the Top-4 before the end of the year.”

Le didn’t have much to say in response, keeping it low-key and even-keel. He hasn’t fought since defeating Rich Franklin in 2012 via knockout in China.

“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Mike, but I was replying to a fan question. That was the point of the Fight Club Q&A, to give the fans the chance to ask questions of me,” he said. “If Bisping is offended on that, well, that’s just him. He should get his facts straight, and focus on himself. I don’t promote myself by talking; I do my talking with my results in the Octagon. As for the movies, he’s done movies too, so I don’t understand what he’s trying to say with that.”

Asked to give his thoughts on Bisping as a fighter, Le said “I’d say his best attributes as a fighter are his cardio, he’s a good striker, he’s hard to submit and he’s a great talker.”