UFC president Dana White was out of sight when Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier had their infamous scuffle following Ultimate Media Day earlier this month.

Now, even with the bout rescheduled until 2015 due to surgery for the UFC light heavyweight champion, White is still answering questions about the ordeal.

Jones and Cormier will now meet in January at UFC 182, and several media events will likely be scheduled to promote the fight before that. So, how will the UFC avoid another incident?

“You want my personal opinion? Our bad. It’s our bad,” said White this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 47 (thanks to MMAjunkie.com for the quotes). “These guys are fighters. They’re two of the baddest dudes on the planet. They’re going to face-to-face stare off.

“We have to make sure that doesn’t happen and shouldn’t happen, but it did.”

White doesn’t see a reason to get rid of the typical face-offs that come with press events and weigh-ins, as he says they are one of his “favorite things” about the sport.

“Two of my favorite things in the sport (are) the weigh-ins and the fight,” he said. “At the weigh-ins, guys have been away from their families for eight weeks or longer. They’re cutting weight, fight’s the next day.

“They’re nasty, they’re mean, they’re irritable and it’s explosive and anything can happen. Then the day of the fight is the reason we all watch.”

During an interview with Jones and Cormier on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” a live microphone and camera caught the two in a heated verbal battle. However, White said that is also typical – in fact, there is even more footage that did not get released.

“Every time you do those transmissions, those transmissions out there, they go to tons of media and they’re jumping from station to station,” he explained. “Somebody was on there actually filming when they were talking. You think that’s bad? You should see the other stuff we have that they were saying to each other that people didn’t get. It was pretty nasty.”