It was nothing short of flashy and incredible, which should have been expected from Alan Jouban.

The Eddie Brave-trained former model finished veteran Seth Baczynski at UFC Fight Night 47, earning a win in his Octagon debut.

Jouban (10-2) earned his third straight win since a decision loss to fellow UFC fighter Mike Rhodes. He was dropped by Baczynski early in the opening round, but recovered and dominated.

“I have a mixture of emotions right now,” Jouban said. “We contacted Joe Silva and said we would take whoever. We didn’t wanna work our way up the ladder. This feels great. Seth is a tough opponent and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Jouban connected with a short left that immediately dropped Baczynski, saying that was “something we have been working on. We put in more repetitions and it paid dividends.”

The loss dropped Baczynski to 19-12 overall.