Mike Winkeljohn has helped prepare Jon Jones for numerous UFC light heavyweight title defenses.

This September, “Bones” will step inside the Octagon to face Daniel Cormier at UFC 178. The two had a scuffle last week following a press conference, and continued to trade verbal barbs throughout during other interviews.

For Winkeljohn, he believes there is a simple – yet dominating – way for the collision to conclude.

“Submission led to by strikes,” said the coach, when asked on Submission Radio how the fight ends.

While some have wondered if Jones’ level of emotions that were put on display during the altercation will be an issue, Winkeljohn doesn’t see it that way.

“Some fighters, I’d worry about, but Jon’s not that guy,” he said. “The scuffle is unfortunate. It’s a shame, but you can see it happening, that’s what guys do. These guys are fighters, that’s what they do. He steps up, you know, you push me back hard, well I’m gonna push you back harder. So that’s what they do, and it’s almost to be expected in some ways, I’m not that surprised by it.

“It’s a shame because some people don’t understand that mentality in the moment, the emotions that are going on if they’ve never been in there, you know think that these guys are just super violent individuals outside the cage, and they’re not.”