Paul Heyman, a close friend and manager of Brock Lesnar’s, appeared on a recent episode of The MMA Hour and discussed the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Lesnar, who suffered a devastating illness during his MMA career, is currently signed with the WWE and a main star in the pro wrestling promotion – which was his home before joining the UFC.

However, Heyman made is known that Lesnar is now medically fit to return to action, and could do so if he ever had issues come up in the WWE.

“Brock was unhealthy walking into that fight with Alistair Overeem,” Heyman said. “I don’t think that Brock has ever truly understood, nor accepted, until he got past it. The severity of the illness took him down.

“Once he got past the Overeem fight, he had all these treatments. He switched treatments, doctors and finally got a clean bill of health.”

UFC president Dana White once remarked that they were working on a Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko super-fight inside Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. However, the boss seems content to let Lesnar play out his WWE fighting days for now.

“If a change of circumstance happens, and it’s a no-brainer to get Brock back into the cage, I’m sure it’s something he would consider,” Heyman said. “It’s not a topic of conversation (now) because things are going so well in the WWE.”

Lesnar (5-3) turned 37 earlier this year and lost his last two UFC fights to Overeem in late 2011 and Cain Velasquez in 2010. Prior to that he won five of six, including victories over Shane Carwin, Frank Mir and Randy Couture.