It appears as if the career of Nate Diaz remains in a state of limbo.

Mike Kogan, the manager for Diaz, recently appeared on Submission Radio to discuss the matter. Diaz, a former No. 1 contender, has not fought since a 2013 victory over Gray Maynard.

“Right now, nobody’s talking to anybody,” Kogan said. “Dana (White) made it very clear that Nate should be happy with what he has and he doesn’t see any reason to even discuss it.

“(Diaz) is not really as popular as I guess we believe he is and that was that. We just kind of stopped there. So, right now, nobody’s talking to anybody.”

Diaz (17-9) has gone 4-2 in his last six, including wins over Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone. Recently, Miller and Cerrone faced each other, with “Cowboy” coming out on the winning end. Kogan also volunteered his fighter for a rematch with Cerrone, but was turned down.

“At some point, hopefully we will have some kind of a discussion and something will happen one way or the other. Now that being said, we have offered a number of fights that we were happy to take even with the current structure, but we weren’t given those,” he said. “I reached out to the UFC before the Donald Cerrone/Miller fight even happened and said, ‘Hey, how about we fight the winner? Nate beat both of them, they’ve both since fought four times and won, you know’, and they said ‘Oh you know, let’s see how the guys are after the fight, maybe they’re banged up, maybe there not.’

“Next thing you know, they announce the fight with Khabib (Nurmagomedov vs. Cerrone). Then Khabib blows his knee like 15 minutes later and now they’re saying he’s gonna be fighting Eddie Alvarez who’s not even signed with the UFC yet. And we asked for that fight when Michael Johnson got injured.”

Kogan and White had an interesting exchange on Twitter over comments made by the UFC president regarding Diaz and his ability to provide a draw.

“Dana said Nate had the lowest rated fight in FOX history which is not true, that was Demetrious Johnson. Nate’s fight against Miller actually peaked at three million views on the same night that (Floyd) Mayweather was fighting and Shane Mosley was on the undercard, which you know, he’s a name fighter, which means people are going to tune into that undercard fight and not just wait for Mayweather to hit,” Kogan said. “And on that night, on FOX he did three million views with his fight. He’s not responsible for the rest of the card and the aspects that the show generates, but even the show did 2.4 million average which was higher than the Demetrious Johnson fight.”

White both sides continue to hold their cards, Kogan feels “it’s like Jerry Springer.

“If you’re gonna be out there trashing my guy, then I’m gonna say something. I’m not just gonna be sitting back like, ‘Oh, yeah you know, we’re so blessed to be breathing this air.”

Kogan also represented Jason High, who was released from the UFC after shoving an official following a fight. He said an appeal of his ban is set for August 12.