UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn’t letting his focus on Daniel Cormier cloud his vision.

As Jones prepares for his September title fight at UFC 178, he remains in the know when it comes to his name being discussed on social media.

Recently, Alexander Gustafsson posted a message saying that he was “really sorry for the deep cut” that he gave “Bones” in their 2013 title fight won by Jones.

Jones was forced to get stitches for a training injury that resulted in a cut around the same area, though he stated it was not from the past cut.

“Yes Alex you cut me but you didn’t win the fight,” Jones wrote. “Focus on things you can control like recovery. You had your chance. Now please stop with the media stunts so I can focus on my next victim.”

Jones and Gustafsson were scheduled to meet, but a knee injury knocked “The Mauler” out.