UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo could be called a man standing on his own island.

Aldo, who will return to action later this year at UFC 179 against Chad Mendes following a training injury, recently talked about the use of testosterone replacement therapy – better known as TRT – in the sport he dominates.

Unlike most who have called out fighters for using the now-banned drug, “Scarface” doesn’t really care – in fact, he’s fine with competing against those that have used it, currently use or even want to use against him.

“I would fight someone who is doing TRT, who isn’t or who is using other drugs,” said Aldo, in an interview Tatame. “It doesn’t matter to me anyway. The same punch I’ll throw in one of these guys, I’ll throw in another of them. If it’s allowed or not, I don’t care because I’ll still train and fight as I’m doing right now.

“I see no problem (with the drug). A lot of people use something and hide, then they criticize people who use. I think these are a bunch of (expletives) trying to find an excuse, fearing to lose fights against those doing a good job.”

The use of TRT through exemptions was banned by the Nevada Athletic Commission and the UFC earlier this year following a drug test given to Vitor Belfort. Eventually, the results of those tests led to Belfort being taken out of a planned title fight. “The Phenom” has since been given his fight license on a conditional basis and re-inserted into a bout with Chris Weidman for the middleweight title to conclude 2014.

“At one point, you have an age that makes it necessary and I see no problem with TRT,” Aldo said.

Chael Sonnen, who failed two tests this year and eventually decided to retire after TRT was banned, has said much the same as Aldo in terms of fighters needing to find a way to still compete at a certain age. Dan Henderson was previously given an exemption for TRT, as well.