Vitor Belfort has had enough of the trash talk regarding his name.

Belfort, who will face Chris Weidman for the UFC middleweight title in December at UFC 181 as long as he successfully passes all drug tests given to him by the Nevada Athletic Commission, lashed out against the likes of Luke Rockhold and others during a recent interview with MMA Fighting.

Rockhold has called into question the decision by the NAC to grant “The Phenom” his fight license on a conditional basis. Others have also done the same, dragging Belfort’s name through the proverbial mud in doing so.

“Eighteen years ago, I was in this game. I had to fight twice in one night. In 2004, I became the light heavyweight champion. I’m so glad I’m still here and I think that affects a lot of people, and gives joy to a lot of people. A lot of guys, they are just mama’s boys with powder on their butts. When you get knocked out, just shut your mouth, go to the gym and train.”

Belfort landed a kick to the head of Rockhold that dropped the former Strikeforce champion in Brazil. Rockhold has expressed interest in avenging that loss, citing Belfort’s use of TRT at the time. The Brazilian was granted an exemption to use the drug, but that has since been outlawed by both the UFC and many commissions.

“Eighteen years ago, all of these boys were in high school and right now, they think they are going to use me as a ladder,” he said. “But the ladder is so high, the altitude is so high, they cannot breath. I think they are just afraid. That playboy is still in shock from the kick. He’s in shock.

“People are in sock. That’s the word. Lions don’t apologize for being lions. I don’t. It is what it is.”