If you watched The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale’s early Fight Pass prelims, you saw the debut of Robert Drysdale against Keith Berish.

Berish was forced to tap due to a rear-naked choke, but the real damage was done when he tried to carry the weight of Drysdale on his back. His knee buckled out from under, bending awkwardly back.

A member of The Underground MMA forum, Berish updated his fans on the extent of the injury:

So I fought Drysdale yesterday afternoon, and the fight was going not too bad. Felt comfortable in there even with him on my back and all.

Stood up from the ground with him still on my back to wear his legs out, but unfortunately he started twisting the grip he had on my chin and as our weight shifted my knee blew out.

Dr. told me yesterday mostly torn ACL and MCL but believe your ass I will be back better then ever and at 185!!! This was still a great experience for me and now it’s just moving forward.

Thanks to everyone who supports me and the other fighters as well cuz like they say anything can happen and usually will happen and this was just one of those things.