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Is Frank Mir Hall Of Fame-Worthy? He Discusses

frank mir

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been one of the top faces in the sport for several years. He’s held the belt one as the undisputed champion and another time on an interim basis.

Mir owns the most submission wins inside the Octagon for the heavyweight division, the fastest submission victory in the weight class and has fought and defeated four UFC heavyweight champions.

So, does the Las Vegas native believe one day he will be inducted into the UFC’s Hall of Fame?

“I think time will tell, but I definitely think at least the statistics will last a while as far as I think it takes more than numbers sometimes to be a Hall of Famer,” said Mir, during a recent interview with MMA Fight Corner. “Just because you see people without numbers they still have a huge impact on the sport and can be recognized and put in as a UFC Hall of Fame. So when the time will come, I guess we’ll find out.”

Mir (16-9) has lost four straight, falling to Alistair Overeem, Josh Barnett, Daniel Cormier and Junior dos Santos. However, prior to his recent struggles, he had earned seven wins in nine fights, including victories over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (twice), Roy Nelson and Brock Lesnar.

Despite suffering his worst losing skid of his career, the 35-year-old isn’t quite ready to official call an end to his time inside the cage.

“We all have ambitions to compete more. I always wanted to win the title back and go on to push a couple of the records – instead of tied for the most submissions right now in the UFC – there’s always things to push forward and aspire for,” Mir said.

  • Dufresne says:

    I personally believe that he will be a HoF member. He was one of the most consistent HW’s for years, has the most submissions in weightclass history (at least in the UFC) and he’s been a pretty good ambassador for both the sport and the company. I can’t see anything outside of a major falling out with the UFC brass that will keep him out of the HoF.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Yeah I agree, he’s always been top tier and possibly best bjj among then hisstory of hw’s along side Nog

  • Screenplaya says:

    In a world where Stephan Bonnar is the Hall of Fame, Mir definitely gets in. In a rational Hall of Fame, neither guy makes it, but Mir comes close.

    I wish the Hall was for the truly great fighters, etc. I would like to see moment, fights, etc honored in some way, too. Put the Griffin/Bonnar fighr in there. Put Mir’s return to the title after a devastating accident in there.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    The UFC has made its HOF a silly gimmick, so it’s doesn’t really matter. Mir has been a popular fighter during the UFC’s rise towards mainstream, so go ahead and honor him by putting him in. The HOF is already so cheapened by the UFC manipulating it with personal bias, questionable selections, etc…. I just don’t see the harm putting Frank in, or why anyone would care at this point.

    Now, if this was a more legitimate HOF like you see in other major pro sports, I don’t think Mir is deserving based on his own merits. Perhaps things would have turned out different/better if not for the motorcycle wreck, and I admire Frank’s resiliency to make it back from a gruesome injury to compete at a high level. But that being said, the results just aren’t there…

    Before the wreck Mir’s career consisted of beating up a bunch of scrubs, which culminated with his victory over Sylvia to capture the belt when he famously cranked on Timmy’s arm till it snapped. That was a solid win for Frank, as Timmy was pretty good before he let himself go.

    After returning from the accident/injury, Mir fought 16 times with an even split of wins & losses. Among the victories was his hail mary victories over Brock and Nog (2nd fight), and he took out Nog in more dominant fashion the first time around (although Nog was coming off a staph injury and was as nimble as a zombie for that fight, as he made Frank look like a decorated boxer). Other than those victories, there’s not much to be impressed with. He took a decision against Roy. He beat Cro Cop in a fight that was one of the worst of the year at the time.

    But once Frank faced top shelf fighters he got pummeled. Simply put, he was not even competitive in his most recent fights against guys like Brock, Carwin, JDS, Cormier, Barnett or Overeem…. failing to win even a single round.

    So yeah, good career that overcame a major injury obstacle, good longevity with a couple of signature moments along the way, but overall I can’t view him as an elite level fighter that would be worthy of enshrinement if we were talking about a legitimate Hall of Fame.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’m actually surprised Dana hasn’t tried to pull Tito and Couture out of the UFC HoF since both of them have, in his words, betrayed the company by flipping to Bellator.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    ^ And speaking of Mir’s win over Roy, I had the good fortune of watching that one in person, just off the floor. Roy looked like dogshit in that fight, which pissed me off since I’d put money on ol Roy. I knew it wasn’t a lock, but didn’t understand why Roy was unable to put up any type of real fight, and was pretty much audibly wheezing between rounds. After the fact, Roy hinted that he had some sort of serious pneumonia-like illness leading up to the fight, which obviously affected his performance, but I don’t blame him for not wanting to miss out on a payday.

    Anyway, I was in Vegas with a couple friends who didn’t care about going to the UFC event. So I’m hanging outside the MGM arena trying to score a ticket. Not much luck, and was about to give up and rejoin my buddies, when this older dude walks up saying “50 bucks for either one of these tickets”… I look at one of them, see it’s an $800 ticket, and glance back at the dude knowing this is an obvious “too good to be true” moment. Long story short, it was Kendall Grove’s dad, who had extra tickets to sell. By this point Kendall had already lost on the undercard, which turned out to be his final fight under the UFC banner. While I’m walking into the event with Pops, Kendall walks out right amongst the general public entrance, embraces his dad with tears in his eyes. Pretty surreal moment, but I was just happy to find grab my prime seat. Until Roy/Frank fucked it up. But I figured I was harsh enough on Frank in my post above…wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt with that victory.


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