Johny Hendricks and Chris Weidman are still relatively new to wearing UFC gold, especially Hendricks, who just won the belt a few months ago.

However, Hendricks took his opportunity as co-host on “Inside MMA” to make a pitch for a potential champion vs. champion match with Weidman – down the road.

UFC president Dana White, also on the show, didn’t seem to interested in the idea. Hendricks, the welterweight titleholder, did say any possible bout with the middleweight champion would have to be “three-or-four” fights down the road.

“You are in a nasty division, packed with talent from No. 1 to No. 13,” White said. “You have a lot of work to do before you clean out the division and talk about Chris.”

Weidman will defend his belt next month at UFC 175 against Lyoto Machida, and likely still has a bout with Vitor Belfort – as long as Belfort gets licensed – to look forward to.

As for Hendricks, he is expected to meet the winner of Robbie Lawler-Matt Brown in his first title defense. He won the vacant belt with a decision victory over Lawler earlier this year.

In terms of weight, Hendricks cuts a lot to make 170 pounds, so competing at 185 or around there wouldn’t be much of an issue for him.