UFC president Dana White did not attend the post-fight press conference for UFC 174 Saturday night, as you could tell during his interview on FOX Sports 1 that he was not happy.

White expressed his opinions on a number of subjects, including UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley and the Brendan Schaub-Andrei Arlovski heavyweight fight.

On Johnson’s win over Ali Bagautinov:

“The kid is unbelievable,” White said. “There is not a thing he cannot do. He is always aggressive and amazing. I don’t know if he is under-appreciated. It is never fun to go in there against a guy as tough and durable as Ali is.”

On Johnson-John Dodson rematch for the title:

“It makes the most sense,” he said. “The fight was awesome. They are two of the fastest guys in the business. I’m not saying that fight is next; I like that fight.”

On MacDonald dominating Tyron Woodley:

“He shut Woodley down,” White said. “He made Woodley look like he didn’t want to be in there. He looked awesome. I liked the way he fought, liked his interview after. The kid is coming into his own.”

On Woodley going forward:

“He choked in the big fight,” White said. “He needed to come out and try to rip his head off in the third. He has got a ways to go. It seems like he chokes in big fights.”

The Schaub-Arlovski fight, won by Arlovski:

“That fight sucked,” White simply stated. “The fans lost in that fight. That fight should have been on the prelims.”