Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock will return to Spike TV as hosts for “Gym Rescue.” The series is a spin-off of “Bar Rescue,” which currently airs on the network.

The debut is set for Sunday, August 10 at 9 p.m. ET. The three-part episode was shot in Florida and Colorado and will see Couture and Shamrock help resurrect struggling MMA gyms.

Couture is a former UFC champion who runs a series of Xtreme Couture MMA gyms, while Shamrock MMA is Frank’s home base. He is also an ex-UFC champion, while both were coaches on “Fight Master,” which also aired on Spike TV.

Scott Hiller, the casting producer from Metal Flowers Media, talked with FightLine last May about the series.

“MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the country,” Hiller said. “I would suspect MMA gyms are popping up all over coinciding with that growth. The fighting gym business is a fiercely competitive one, so I’d also suspect that several gyms are struggling. (Couture) is definitely the right person for this job.

“This series will be exciting and moving to watch as the story of repairing a business unfolds,” he added. “Struggling gym owners getting schooled by (Couture) and his all-star crew? These guys kick the crap out of ‘FAIL!’ That means you’ll see a lot of drama as a gym owner comes to terms with his failing business, but becomes incredibly uplifted throughout the process.

“Going through the experience of turning around any failing business can be an eye-opening, tumultuous, emotional experience for any business owner. He has to come to terms with either closing the doors or making the right changes to make his business succeed. And when it does succeed, it’s an awesomely rewarding feeling.”