Both Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson have been cleared for upcoming fights, as both were granted their fight license during a Nevada Athletic Commission hearing on Tuesday.

Sonnen and Henderson had both previously used TRT after being granted exemptions. They were called upon by the commission to re-apply, and both were approved.

Sonnen takes on Wanderlei Silva in July at UFC 175, while Henderson returns to action this month against Daniel Cormier at UFC 173. Both events take place in Las Vegas.

“I’m familiar with the new procedures in terms of being in compliance,” Sonnen said (thanks to for the quotes). “I used to be on testosterone. I wanted you to know that I’m well aware of the new rules and I’m in full compliance.”

He was asked how his body is holding up without the use of TRT, to which Sonnen said, “I’m sore and tired.” He added that it’s hard to tell how much of a difference it is making, as he also changed gyms for this camp.

Both the NAC and UFC moved to ban the use of TRT earlier this year. Many other commissions have followed the decision, though Henderson was allowed to use TRT for his fight in Brazil recently.

Ben Rothwell, who did not take part in the call, was granted a conditional fight license. He was suspended after his drug test came back positive last August. Also, Francisco Trinaldo was given his license, allowing him to compete at UFC 173 against Michael Chiesa.

While Rothwell’s was because he failed his post-fight drug test, Trinaldo’s was for being over 35 years old. The NAC requires all fighters to apply for a new license once they turn 35.