Michael Bisping just gets it.

The former Ultimate Fighter winner understands that, by putting himself out there through outlets such as Twitter, he is creating a bigger name for himself.

Bisping, who was part of the FOX Sports analyst team this past weekend for UFC Fight Night 40, recently talked with FightLine about the importance of Twitter and other social media tools.

“Obviously, social networking is a great thing if used properly,” Bisping said. “I always like to tweet away during fights and give my thoughts, too. I like to have fun on Twitter and you can have fun with it.”

Since joining the Twitter-world, “The Count” has called out many fighters and continued to hype and promote his upcoming bouts. From Tim Kennedy to Luke Rockhold, Brad Tavares and many others, Bisping has taken advantage of his opportunities.

Bisping’s even shown his lighter side by retweeting messages of his most crushing loss – a knockout defeat at the hands of Dan Henderson.

As for his work with FOX Sports, Bisping hopes it can lead to a career after he is done fighting. Even though that notion hasn’t crossed his mind yet.

“I would love to be involved as much as possible,” he said. “Analyst role, commentary; it’s no secret you can’t fight forever. Hopefully, I still have a few years left on the clock, but I love this sport and I love being a part of the UFC.

“I am very grateful for the role I have and am working on improving every day.”