Vitor Belfort might not be quiet anymore.

After being called out by Luke Rockhold for staying silent after the banning of TRT, Belfort fired back against the former Strikeforce champion.

Last year, Belfort delivered a knockout kick to Rockhold in Brazil. Rockhold expressed his desire to have a rematch with “The Phenom,” while also calling the kick lucky and referencing Belfort for living a “shady life.”

Well, Belfort didn’t take too kindly to that, writing on Instagram, “This is just a reminder. To all the (haters) out there, that always looking for excuses the more they talk the better me and my team the Blackzilians will get.”

Belfort was removed from a planned UFC middleweight title fight with Chris Weidman after the Nevada Athletic Commission banned the use of TRT. The UFC followed the decision, and placed Lyoto Machida in the title fight. Belfort is believed to be working towards getting his fight license and off TRT.