Michael Bisping doesn’t know Tim Kennedy personally.

“The Count” has never sat down and shared tea with Kennedy, and he likely isn’t going to be doing so anytime soon.

Bisping and Kennedy will settle their differences Wednesday night at The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale from Canada in the main event. It’s a bout that both men have made personal.

“I’ve never met the guy,” said Bisping, during a recent interview on UFC Tonight. “He might be a great guy, but he’s made it pretty personal.”

Bisping, who is returning after surgery to fix his eye following a win over Alan Belcher, feels the verbal attacks have all originated from the side of Kennedy.

“It’s been pretty one-way,” he stated. “He’s been attacking me in every interview. I can’t wait to fight him and it’s going to be very satisfying to punch him in the face.”

As for that eye injury, the Brit said “The eye is fine. I can see. It isn’t going to give him a better prospect of beating me.”