UFC president Dana White wants to make MMA as clean as possible. That’s why the promotion has started drug testing entire fight cards, not just certain bouts or the main event.

White told reporters recently about the change. White didn’t provide specifics and made it known things are still a work in progress.

“As far as testing, what we used to do is we used to roll into town and the title fight always got tested, and there was random testing,” White said (thanks to MMAFighting.com for the quotes). “We’re testing the whole card now. The whole card is getting tested. Everyone is getting tested.”

Both the UFC and several state athletic commission have done away with the use of testosterone exemptions in an effort to clean things up.

“Doing away with performance enhancing drugs not only helps us run our business, it also helps the fighters,” he said. “I’m so (expletive) glad (TRT) is gone.”