Brendan Schaub wants to face Mark Hunt inside the Octagon.

Hunt doesn’t believe Schaub has done enough to warrant a fight with him.

So, what better place for the two to settle their differences for now than Twitter, right? Because that is exactly what the two UFC heavyweights did.

Hunt was being pushed for the New Zealand card later this year, but he will not be cleared in time to compete. Schaub does not have a fight scheduled yet, so there is still a distinct possibility these two meet up inside the Octagon.

It all started when a fan posted that Hunt vs. Schaub would be a “great fight.” Schaub agreed, Hunt did not.

“Cause he sucks why else,” Hunt wrote. It didn’t take Schaub long to respond, posting, “strong word coming from a guy who basically lost his last two fights and is 9-8.”

The two proceeded to call out each other for recent losses, with Hunt pointing to Schaub’s knockout loss vs. Ben Rothwell, and “The Hybrid” replying with “I’m gonna open up a jiu jitsu school in New Zealand to help you out” in regards to his submission loss to Sean McCorkle.

Things picked up from there, with Hunt stating he will “stand on them lips of yours” if Schaub goes for a submission. He added plans to go for his own submission “if u make it past the first round.”

Schaub threw down another challenge, writing that “If you sub me I’ll give you my purse. If I KO you give me yours? Deal?”