The shock on Johnny Bedford’s face when the official announcement of a no-contest was declared in his fight with Rani Yahya was utter disbelief.

Bedford and Yahya collided just seconds into first round action at UFC Fight Night 39, causing an accidental head butt. Bedford continued to attack and thought he was going to have his hand raised.

Former UFC title contender Dan Hardy brought both men to the center of the Octagon for interviews and things got heated from there.

“This is ridiculous,” Bedford said. “I knock him out and I’m getting a no-contest. June…Texas, come to my house. Let’s fight.”

Yahya pointed to the screen and said “I respect (Bedford), but it was a head butt. There is nothing I can do about it. I’m ready to fight anytime.”

Bedford got in Yahya’s face and the two had to be separated, as Bedford screamed, “I’ll knock out you again.”