Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting obviously just hit record and let Nate Diaz talk during their recent interview, because that is all Diaz did – talk.

The former contender has been silent outside of a few messages on Twitter since defeating Gray Maynard last year.

He asked for his release from the UFC. He asked for more money.

Rumors of Diaz being set to fight a number of times have come and gone, and now, the fighter is explaining what is going on behind the scenes.

It wouldn’t do it much justice to just post bits and pieces of Helwani’s interview, so here’s a link to the entire story and some of the more notable comments made by Diaz.

“I’m ready to fight but not for some funny money that they’re trying to give me. They can let me go or they can let me fight, but let me do something. They know I need to make some money.”

“They need to be about more money. My contract is all (expletive) up. I want to be paid like these other fighters. I’m over here getting chump change.”

“I train harder than everybody in the UFC. And then there’s boxers out there getting multi-million dollar contracts, and I’m a bigger draw than boxers. It’s embarrassing. I think I’m the biggest draw in the lightweight division.”

“I don’t talk to the UFC. No one calls me. I’m not going to call them beginning. They know I’m on call, I take every fight.”

Diaz also stated that he was told his deal could be renegotiated after his fight with Benson Henderson, which was for the UFC title. UFC president Dana White responded to what Diaz had to say.

“Nate Diaz came in and signed a new deal and was very happy with his new deal,” White said. “If he would have (beat Henderson), his deal would have changed.

“Now he comes off a win over Gray Maynard (following the Henderson and Josh Thomson losses) and feels like he should be making Justin Bieber money. Nate needs to get back in there and start fighting.”