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Lyoto Machida, Family Hide From Earthquake In California

Lyoto Machida, Family Hide From Earthquake In California

UFC middleweight title contender Lyoto Machida snapped a picture of his family hiding under a kitch table following reports of an earthquake hitting the California area.

Machida posted that “My wife warned everyone about the earthquake and put everyone under the table!”

Thankfully, the Machida family survived the 5.1 earthquake that caused gas leaks and water main breaks throughout the night with aftershocks.

“The Dragon” will return to the Octagon in July to challenge Chris Weidman for the middleweight title at UFC 175. He is a former UFC light heavyweight champion.

  • AlphaOmega says: don’t think the term took cover from earthquake would of been better? Hide from makes it sound like he ran and hid, or like it’s something you can actually hide from. Like that somehow being under a table the earthquake won’t see you and rock your house. Where as took cover is what you’re suppose to actually do during said time of when mother nature gets pissed off.


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