UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer has it all.

Now, she wants your help to get even more.

Palmer is up for “FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women In The World” and needs votes to beat out the other contestants.

The men’s magazine posted the following to help persuade fans to vote for her:

As one of the UFC’s most-celebrated “Octagon Girls”, Brittney has been helping to counterbalance all those beasts with her beauty for more than half a decade. She’s far more than a pretty face, a brain-melting body and a giant card with the number of the next round written on it: she’s also an accomplished artist (having taken a leave of absence from the UFC to attend art school), a trained jiu-jitsu ass-kicker, and the head of her own clothing line, called Stone Free.

What else? Well, Brittney’s also into snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, so she’s got the full action-sports set, and is fully experienced in flying through the air with nought but a plank of wood beneath her. Don’t go landing on your face and giving yourself a rugby-player’s nose, Brittney – call us shallow, but that’d make us feel real sad.

Palmer finished No. 51 in 2013 on the list and posed for Playboy in 2012. Voting ends in April.