Diego Sanchez looked over his hotel food choices and made a decision he would later regret.

Sanchez, who dropped a decision to Myles Jury at UFC 171 this weekend, blamed food poisoning for his performance inside the Octagon.

“I wasn’t myself (Saturday) night I sustained food poisoning from eating a beef tar tar with raw quail egg as (an) appetizer at dinner,” he wrote on Twitter. “This was my own mistake I ordered it thinking I need red meat but raw was the wrong choice.

“I threw up at 2 a.m. and all day fight day.”

Sanchez, a former Ultimate Fighter winner, stated he was forced to abandon his wrestling vs. Jury because he “didn’t have the strength.”

“I was weak and my performance showed,” he said. “Jury and his team fought a good fight against me and they did win, but I wanted my fans to know the truth why I was not all there.

“Take what you want from it it is the truth. I made a horrible choice and it’s no ones fault but mine. I’m heart broken and very very motivated it hurts so bad. I’ll be back better than ever!”