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Tyron Woodley Serves Notice, Wants His UFC Title Shot

Tyron Woodley Serves Notice, Wants His UFC Title Shot

Tyron Woodley landed a thunderous takedown in the second round Saturday night at UFC 171 against Carlos Condit.

While that was important in terms of his plan of action, it turned out to be even more important, as Condit suffered a knee injury upon hitting the canvas.

One swift kick to the other leg by Woodley in the round and this one was over – and the former NCAA wrestling standout made sure everyone knows what is next.

“We know what’s next: the title,” Woodley said. “I am going to use my performance money from the TKO to buy Dana White a Metro PCS phone.”

Woodley (13-2) has won two straight since a loss to Jake Shields via split decision. That includes a stoppage win over Josh Koscheck.

“I stepped up when nobody would,” Woodley said. “It’s time for my season.”

The finish was similar to that of Chris Weidman-Anderson Silva in December, as Condit was unable to continue after the injury. The way it went down wasn’t an issue to Woodley, who said “he knee gave out because I took him down.”

For Condit, the stoppage defeat was the first since a 2006 submission defeat vs. Pat Healy.

  • RicM says:

    …You want a title shot because your opponents knee gave out???? Go away little man, and come back when you are a justifiable top 5 fighter……lmao……

  • Niv says:

    Not sure why the hate towards Woodley for asking for a title shot? He fought who I felt was the best WW left in the division and beat him convincingly.

    From the opening bell he was dominant and at no point did Condit look like he was in control. The only thing Condit showed was that he has one of the best chins in the sport because he should’ve been out cold in the first seconds of the opening round.

    I didn’t see Woodley gassing or slowing down in spite of Joe Rogan’s non-stop attempts to convince viewers. All I saw was a guy in total command and earned an impressive win. It’s a shame that an injury ended the fight, but it was caused by Woodley’s take down and he admitted he knew that Condit hurt a knee on the take down and he was going to find out which one.

    Full marks in my books.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Hate to see Carlos go out like that but it was a legit finish, wasnt a freak accident like Silva. Personally I’d rather see Woodley vs Rory for number 1 contendor fight.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    That was a great showing by Woodly, taking it to Condit standing and grappling, even though Condit got injured he also got dominated, Woodly vs Rory or Hector for the #1 spot would be interesting.


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