The look on the face of Johny Hendricks after the scale in Dallas read 171.5 pounds was of utter shock.

Hendricks, who eventually cut the extra weight and made his UFC 171 bout with Robbie Lawler for the welterweight title official, didn’t appear to be too fatigued from the quick weight-cut.

But, will it play an impact on “Bigg Rigg” Saturday night when he steps inside the Octagon?

Hendricks works with Mike Dolce on his nutrition, and has admitted that he balloons up to almost 220 pounds between fights. You can bet he’ll be closer to that mark than 170 by the time the referee signals to start the action.

If Hendricks took it easy on Friday in regards to his cut – assuming he believed he was already on track to hit 170 – you wouldn’t think there would be much issue with his quick loss of a couple pounds.

“The Dolce Diet” isn’t about cutting pounds quickly. Instead, it is a calming diet that helps you get down to weight easily with healthy foods. Hendricks has talked about it before and how much it has helped, along with a host of other fighters.

“Dolce is a nutritional genius,” said Ridge Kiley, owner of Unrivaled Sports Performance in Nebraska and a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who continues to use the diet in an interview with FightLine. “I don’t think it will affect Hendricks at all Saturday night.

“He made sure he got (Hendricks) down safely and effectively.”

Once the commission official announced 170, he sprinted off – naked – from the stage, likely to rehydrate and prepare for his world title fight.

Being a former wrestler, Hendricks knows all about weight cutting and what it takes, so it was no surprise to see him shed those pounds.