Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva is currently serving a suspension for his use of TRT after failing a post-fight drug test in 2013.

Silva, who’s own representation once stated he was leaking from his nipples due to low levels of testosterone, told Yahoo! Brazil that he is disappointed in the decision to ban the replacement therapy for those that really need it.

“They thought that the prohibition was the best, but who has proved to have a clinical need will be harmed,” Silva said. “I will try to continue my career in the best way.

“I can’t retire. I was born to fight.”

Silva had fought Mark Hunt to a majority draw, but that was overturned for him to a no-contest after the failed drug test. Dr. Marcio Tannure was the brunt of his early frustrations on the failed test, but that has changed.

“He made a mistake,” Silva said. “I was upset because he hasn’t admitted (the mistake). I understand why he didn’t…if he had, his image would be damaged.”

Tannure is the head of Brazilian athletic commission for MMA and works with Flamengo’s, a popular soccer team in Brazil.