UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis is set to face Gilbert Melendez later this year after the two coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

However, that doesn’t mean “Showtime” can just forget about any and all others, including Josh Thomson.

On Twitter recently, Pettis and Thomson had a little exchange with one another.

“(Thomson) when I come back running thru the whole top ten, hopefully ur still around!” Pettis wrote. And in response to someone saying he is “hiding” from Thomson, the champion wrote “fur sure I hate getting paid!!! Lol.”

Thomson, who is recovering from thumb surgery after a loss to Benson Henderson in January, wrote “I’ll see ya soon lil guy. I like you, but you had your chance to fight me and you pulled out. So don’t act tough now behind your keyboard kid.”

Pettis and Thomson were scheduled for a fight last December before Pettis suffered an injury.