Chael Sonnen made a simple statement when asked about the Nevada Athletic Commission banning the use of TRT on Thursday.

“The rules are the rules,” said Sonnen, during an appearance on FOX Sports Live. “That’s it. (Wednesday) it was legal, so quit complaining. (Thursday) it’s illegal. That’s it. Quit complaining.

“End of conversation. Testosterone’s out.”

Sonnen, set to face Wanderlei Silva in Brazil later this month, has been granted an exemption before for use of TRT.

The second biggest story to come out of the ban of TRT was the removal of Vitor Belfort from a planned meeting with Chris Weidman for the UFC middleweight title. Lyoto Machida has now stepped in to challenge Weidman, and Sonnen stated that is a “super-fight.”

“When you talk about super-fights, you’re talking about a champion from one weight class taking on a champion from another. On May 24, you’re getting one (in Machida vs. Weidman).”