As usual with Chael Sonnen, he is always looking ahead.

Sonnen, who will face Wanderlei Silva in May at UFC Fight Night Brazil, recently told Combate that he already has his next fight planned out.

“Two things need to happen,” Sonnen said. “There is a fight that will happen and a particular outcome to happen. We also need to get rid of this bum (Silva). There are a few moving parts, but if it happens – and I hope it will on both sides – I have a fight lined (up) (at) middleweight.”

Sonnen didn’t further elaborate who that “opponent” could be. He recently concluded filming The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil alongside Silva, and asked that the match be moved from Las Vegas to the South American country.

The Sonnen-Silva fight is scheduled to take place at light heavyweight, a division both have occupied recently.

It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense, but don’t you think Sonnen could be positioning himself for a third meeting with Anderson Silva? Possibly in Brazil, for Silva’s return from his broken leg?