While Sara McMann has nearly the same kind of overall resume as UFC female bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, not many are giving her a chance next Saturday night at UFC 170.

That sentiment didn’t completely carry over to “UFC Tonight’s” Kenny Florian and Brian Stann, as one gives McMann a great shot at pulling the upset, while the other doesn’t.

Florian, a multi-time UFC title contender before retiring, believes “she’s one of the only women out there who has the elite credentials that Ronda does.”

McMann is unbeaten in her MMA career and claimed a silver medal in wrestling at the Summer Olympics.

“She has faced the elite in the Olympics,” Florian continued. “She has a style that could pose a problem for Ronda.”

As for Stann, he took a different approach, saying, “Athletically, yes. But with everything else going into a title fight – all the things to distract you – no.

“Rousey is in a rhythm,” he added. “She looks so prepared for this fight, but McMann has a lot of new things to prepare for. Where McMann is weak, Rousey is strong.”