Before Vitor Belfort even comes close to stepping inside the Octagon against UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, “The Phenom” will need to compete in another cage – of the court variety.

Nevada Athletic Commission chairman Francisco Aguilar told ESPN recently that the board will be discussing Belfort’s use of TRT later this month.

“It’s the commission’s need and desire to get clarity on the issue,” he said. “It’s not fair to have that discussion while someone is in front of you. It’s important to have a basis of where you find yourself as a commissioner prior to that.

“(We need to) have all the information from the experts.”

Belfort has been granted TUE’s before all three of his 2013 wins over Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and Dan Henderson. Those fights, though, took place in Brazil – his title-fight with Weidman is slated for February at UFC 173.

Aguilar did state one thing, saying, “A commissioner can always make a motion towards (no one receiving TRT. I’m not sure if that will happen.”

The commission is without an executive director after the sudden resignation of Keith Kizer.