Former UFC fighter Thiago Silva is being accused of illegal drug use by his now ex-wife, Thaysa Kamiji.

Kamiji, who was threatened with current boyfriend Pablo Popovitch, told the Brazilian website UOL of the use and abuse she felt from Silva.

“We were in a healthy relationship, talking, each in its (own) space,” she said. “Was during the last three weeks he was well….guess that is the result of cocaine use.

“Since my marriage ended in December 2012, I had to deal with the imbalance and assaults (by) him. I never talk to the police for fear of the reactions.”

Silva is currently in jail, facing multiple charges, fines and several years behind bars. His contract was terminated by the UFC the day after the incident went down in Florida.

Silva went to the gym owned by Popovitch and made threats. He proceeded to return to his home and barricaded himself in, forcing the Florida police to bring in the SWAT team.

No one was injured in the ordeal.