Joe Lauzon has secured 12 UFC “Fight Night” bonuses during his career, and is coming off a decision victory over Mac Danzig.

Recently, Lauzon conducted an insightful Q&A session via Reddit where he discussed a number of subjects. One of those concerned fighter pay, and “J-Lau” gave his honest thoughts on the matter.

“Lots of variables. Sometimes coaches get paid on a percentage, some are flat fees. Flights vary quite a bit in price… when I fly to Vegas its like $350 per flight, for Japan it was over $1400 per flight. I always take care of my coaches with flights (not giving them shitty/cheap flghts), etc.

“15K for a fight does not leave much money by the time you pay coaches, flights, medicals, taxes, etc.”

Lauzon was asked if the UFC paid for the flight, to which he said, “UFC pays fighter plus 1. I have 3 corners and some other coaches/training partners though.”

In regards to his post-UFC future, Lauzon stated that he wants to “play video games and eat terrible food. Yes, it’s the same thing I want to do now.”

He also gave us his best and worst career moments inside the Octagon:

“Best: Dropping and Choking out Melvin (Guillard),” Lauzon wrote. “Worst: The fight against Michael Johnson. FML.”