Last year, Anthony Pettis sent a simple text message to UFC president Dana White saying he would be willing to drop down to featherweight for a shot at becoming a world champion.

Pettis had just been declared the No. 1 lightweight contender, but the path to the belt was clogged up.

“Showtime” agreed to face UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, but a training injury knocked Pettis out of the fight. He was able to compete a few weeks later than scheduled, and won the UFC 155-pound title from Benson Henderson.

Now, sidelined again with an injury, Pettis could be headed for that Aldo match up after all.

Aldo is set to defend his title vs. Ricardo Lamas this Saturday at UFC 169, and a win could give the UFC the ability to move “Scarface” up for a summer meeting with Pettis.

“The timing has to be right,” said White, during a recent press conference (thanks to for the quotes). “If he defends his title, Pettis comes back, Pettis fights his fight, and then Aldo.”

Currently, Pettis (17-2) does not have a challenger lined up. Josh Thomson, who was set to meet him in December, lost to Henderson over the weekend. White expressed his frustrations with the judging result and made it known Henderson is not the next challenger.

Still, with fights in between and injuries needing to be healed, we are several months away from talks heating up between Aldo and Pettis.