Maybe you remember Kyacey Uscola from his stint on TUF – TUF 11 to be exact – or maybe you don’t, as his performance was utterly forgettable. Either way, whatever notoriety he might have gained as a fighter will now be overshadowed by the infamy he’s getting as a felon convicted of domestic violence charges. As per this local news report out of Sacramento, C.A., a jury has convicted Uscola of battery on a spouse or cohabitant, battery with serious bodily injury and corporal injury on a cohabitant – all of which carries a possible penalty of up to 13 years in prison.

Uscola, it seems, isn’t a very nice guy. 

The local news outlet reached out to his former teammate, Urijah Faber, and got some lengthy quotes.

“To have a guy come clean his life up and to end like this is pretty tragic,” Urijah Faber said.

MMA superstar Urijah “The California Kid” Faber knew Uscola well. Uscola joined Faber’s Team Alpha Male in 2008, hoping to break into the UFC.

“He said ‘hey, I’m messing up. I want to get my head straight,'” Faber recounted. “And he knows we run a clean operation here.”

Faber took a chance on him. Uscola eventually landed a role on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter and seemed poised to turn his life around.

But when Uscola was arrested for domestic violence in 2011, Faber cut ties with him.

“As soon as the first incident happened, Kyacey was no longer allowed to be a part of the team,” Faber explained.

According to Faber, Uscola had a bit of a temper and addiction issues. But he’d hoped Uscola would get his act together once his son was born.

Sadly, Uscola isn’t the first UFC fighter to be convicted of domestic violence charges. Weeks after his UFC 34 loss, heavyweight fighter Bobby Hoffman beat his wife and went to prison for it for over a year.