UFC Fight Night 35 is in your face and ready to scrap, and this Wednesday night card is coming to you live on FOX Sports 1. At the top of the card, two middleweights are seeking redemption for their last Octagon appearances, while the undercard is stocked with tough guys and badasses. Keep hitting refresh on this post for constant updates on the action!

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QUICK RESULTS: Prelim Card on UFC Fight Pass

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Charlie Brenneman vs. Beneil Dariush

Result: Beneil Dariush def. Charlie Brenneman via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:45, R1

Vinc Pichel vs. Garett Whiteley

Result: Vinc Pichel def. Garret Whiteley via Unanimous Decision

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QUICK RESULTS: Prelim Card on FOX Sports 1

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Alpetkin Ozkilic vs. Louis Smolka

Result: Louis Smolka def. Alpetkin Ozkilic via Unanimous Decision

Brian Houston vs. Trevor Smith

Result: Trevor Smith def. Brian Houston via Split Decision

Elias Silverio vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Result: Elias Silverio def. Isaac Vallie-Flagg via Unanimous Decision

Justin Edwards vs. Ramsey Nijem

Result: Ramsey Nijem def. Justin Edwards via Unanimous Decision

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PLAY BY PLAY: Main Card on FOX Sports 1:

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Sam Sicilia vs. Cole Miller

Referee: Herb Dean

  • Round One: Miller takes the center of the octagon right away but Sicilia is able to back him up and take the center for himself. Miller begins to work some low kicks and sticking out his jab looking to use his range. Sicilia trying to duck under punches and get inside. Sicilia wings a big right hand but Miller is able to circle away and avoid it. Miller is utilizing good lateral movement to avoid the power right of Sicilia but Sicilia continues to stalk him down and look for an opening. Miller lands a front kick that has Sicilia hesitating. Miller with an inside low kick but Sicilia counters upstairs with a right. Sicilia lands a right to the body and goes up stairs with a right connecting well. Sicilia backs Miller up into the cage but Miller circles away with a 1-2 combination. Miller has established a good jab thus far. Sicilia continuing to wing right hands but hasn’t been able to successfully set them up which has allowed Miller to jab and circle away from most of the damage.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 MillerRound Two: Sicilia is able to take control of the center early while Miller will clearly look to strike from the fringe with rangy kicks and jabs. Miller lands hard with a 1-2 that has Sicilia staggering. Miller looks to close the distance and swarm but Sicilia hunts for a take down that has Miller resetting. Miller is able to grab a thai-clinch and land a flush knee. Sicilia wings a right hook to the body that lands. Miller goes over top with a right that drops Sicilia. He follows it up with a knee and another right. Sicilia stumbles to the ground. Miller pounces on him looking for a guillotine. He abandons the attempt for side control. Sicilia turns, Miller takes his back and sinks in the rear naked choke. Sicilia taps!Cole Miller defeats Sam Sicilia via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:54 in round 2.


John Moraga vs. Dustin Ortiz

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

  • Round One: The two circle each other in the center early with Ortiz landing a big right which results in Moraga hunting for a take down. Ortiz stuffs easily. Ortiz closes the distance and looks to take the back of Moraga on the feet. Moraga defends but is pressed against the cage. Ortiz looking for an outside trip. He lands a good knee to the body. Ortiz is able to trip Moraga to the canvas landing in his open guard. Ortiz is having a hard time posturing up and landing anything big but he has landed some decent medium power punches. Moraga sits up and puts his back against the cage but is almost immediately dragged away from it preventing him from getting back up. Moraga looking to bring up a leg and establish a rubber guard but Ortiz uses it to pass to half guard. Closing out the round, Ortiz unloads with some elbows and punches to finish strong.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 OrtizRound Two: Moraga coming out a little more aggressive pressing forward. Moraga lands a stiff uppercut as Ortiz was moving in. Moraga loosening up a bit throwing low kicks and using better footwork. Ortiz fires back with an outside low kick. Moraga uses a low kick to set up a huge hook upstairs that has Ortiz staggering back. Moraga closes the distance pressing Ortiz against the cage and he immediately lands a big elbow. Ortiz breaks free and looks to circle away – Moraga feints and startles Ortiz which results in him tripping to the ground. Moraga jumps on him. Ortiz scrambles and gets in a bit better position than Moraga but Moraga is able to turn to the back of Ortiz and sink in a rear naked choke attempt. It’s tight but Ortiz breaks free. Moraga continues to maintain back control. Ortiz turns into him and stacks his weight on him and ends up taking side control. Moraga is able to break free and reset on the feet. Final 30 seconds in the round has Moraga taking the center. Ortiz dives for a take down – Moraga sprawls but Ortiz quickly moves to his back. Moraga is on his feet and rolls free before the bell.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 MoragaRound Three: Ortiz circles around Moraga with lateral movement – rather unorthodox looking footwork – with Moraga taking the center. Ortiz lunges for another take down which Moraga easily sprawls and quickly pops back up to his feet. Moraga goes high with a kick that Ortiz just barely ducks under. Moraga lands with a left, Ortiz responds with a right. Moraga really opening up with his kicks and is looking to find a home for his left hook. Ortiz looking to get inside, Moraga lands a kick to the body but Ortiz catches the kick and lands flush with a straight. Ortiz then level changes and secures a take down landing in half guard with just under two minutes to go in the fight. Moraga turns his hips into Ortiz looking for a sweep but Ortiz moves to side control. Moraga bucks and regains half guard as Ortiz works some short elbows. Moraga maintains full guard with Ortiz landing some light ground and pound. Moraga is able to get his feet on the hips of Ortiz and push him off. Moraga almost instantly goes for a take down of his own and transition to the back of Ortiz on the feet but Ortiz defends and is able to press Moraga against the cage and drag him back down to the ground in the final 10 seconds. The bell sounds with Ortiz on top.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Ortiz

    John Moraga defeats Dustin Ortiz via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Derek Brunson vs. Yoel Romero

Referee: Blake Grice

  • Round One: Romero circles Brunson with his left hand cocked back like a south paw Dan Henderson. Romero charges Brunson with a lead right hook, straight left, and flying knee combination but none land flush. Brunson is able to change levels and surprise Romero with a take down but Romero was quick to get back to his feet. Brunson lands a jab, Romero fakes a level change. Brunson presses forward with a right hook left straight combination. Brunson lands a huge high kick as he was moving forward that staggers him a bit but Brunson does not swarm him. Romero with another flying strike attempt but misses. Brunson lunges forward with a left straight. Romero closes the distance and secures a body lock take down. There’s a brief scramble, Brunson lands a trip and swarms Romero. They get back to their feet. Brunson closes the distance and lifts Romero up and slams him down.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 BrunsonRound Two: The two circle each other. Romero throws a punch to the body that reflects off the arm of Brunson and directly into the cup. There’s a time out, no point deduction. They resume. Brunson connects with a standing elbow. Romero responds with a straight left. Romero is standing infront of him hands down moving his head. Romero connects with a knee that draws a crowd reaction. Brunson lunges forward with a straight then changes levels and secures a take down. Brunson moves to side control – Romero trying to isolate his left arm. Brunson steps over and takes full mount with just under two minutes remaining in the round. Brunson postures up and lands some ground and pound. Romero bucks his hips and is able to take half guard, Romero explodes from the bottom and works his way back to the cage but Brunson drags him back out. Romero is able to create space and scramble free and stand back up. Romero looks for a take down but Brunson sprawls. Brunson is backed against the cage in the final 10 seconds and eats a shot to the body. He circles away before the bell.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 BrunsonRound Three: Brunson is able to tag Romero with a light straight left. Brunson looked to change levels for a take down but Brunson backed away and defended easily. Romero is the aggressor this round looking for his uppercut. He lands one that has Brunson backing away. Romero lands a left hook that has Brunson backing up. Romero continues to swarm him with a left and an uppercut. He drops Brunson and swarms him! Brunson turns exposing his back to Romero who isn’t letting up. Brunson is just eating shots at this point – he’s been opened up. Romero is landing vicious elbows to the side of Brunson that are completely undefended. The referee moves in and stops the fight!

    Yoel Romero defeats Derek Brunson via TKO at 3:23 in round 3.


TJ Dillashaw vs. Mike Easton

Referee: Dan Miragliotta

  • Round One: Dillashaw takes the center of the cage and is looking to utilize an in and out strategy early. Easton connects with a left as Dillashaw moves in. Dillashaw winds a low kick but Easton counters with a left hook. Dillashaw presses forward with a body kick – Easton lands a low kick that floors Dillashaw. Dillashaw returns to his feet and closes the distance for a take down driving through Easton against the cage and landing in half guard. Easton is able to break free and return to his feet. Dillashaw is looking very loose on his feet landing combinations and backing away from any danger and switching stances often. One minute remaining in the round. Easton is finding some success going over top with a right but Dillashaw’s chin is holding up well. Dillashaw is turning it up in the final 30 seconds as he has Easton backed against the cage. The bell sounds with Dillashaw in complete control.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 DillashawRound Two: Dillashaw is turning up his volume and his accuracy is looking great to start off this second round as he opens up with his jabs and straights followed by some kicks to the body. Dillashaw goes high with a kick that opens a cut near the left brow of Easton. Dillashaw then gets on top of Easton in half guard. Dillashaw working with Easton against the cage. Easton creates space and uses the cage to get back to his feet – he goes over top with a hook but Dillashaw grabs hold of a thai-collar and lands a big knee before separating. Easton goes for a spinning back kick but Dillashaw closes the distance before the rotation completes and secures another take down against the cage. Dillashaw aggressively looking to take the back of Easton who was able to pop up to his feet. Dillashaw work Easton against the cage in the final minute. Easton tries to isolate an arm for a kimura but Dillashaw spins out away from any danger and the bell sounds.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Dillashaw

    Round Three: Easton lands a low kick to start the round. Dillashaw responds with a left and right hook. Dillashaw continues to press forward trading with Easton in the pocket but doing a good job of avoiding most strikes thrown at him while landing at a very high accuracy and volume. His hands are looking very crisp. The two trade low kicks. Easton looking a little more urgent in this round as he continues to try and trade in the pocket but Dillashaw is beating him both on the inside and from the outside. Dillashaw lands another superman punch. Dillashaw proceeds to control the stand up. Easton changes levels for a single leg but Dillashaw defends and goes back to work landing combinations at will. Dillashaw with a hard kick to the body. Dillashaw explodes with a flurry and closes it out with a knee in a quick Thai-clinch. Final 10 seconds. Dillashaw grabs another clinch and lands a couple of knees and short punches before the bell.

    @MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Dillashaw

    T.J Dillashaw defeats Mike Easton via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)



Lorenz Larkin vs. Brad Tavares

Referee: Herb Dean

  • Round One: Tavares takes the center of the cage. Larkin explodes forward with a two punch combination. Tavares goes body body head with a combination. Tavares lands with a low kick. Larkin wings a very quick right hook at Tavares. Tavares continues to land a low kick to the lead leg of Larkin. Larkin is finding his range establishing a mean jab. Larkin lands a low kick but Tavares catches it and counters with a straight right down the pipe. Tavares is able to take the back of Larkin against the cage momentarily but the bell sounds.@MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 TavaresRound Two: Tavares the aggressor early landing a combination up high. Larkin trying to establish his kicks in this round. Larkin comes forward with a crisp 1-2 combination. Tavares, while not utilizing as many different strikes as Larkin, appears to be quicker to the punch with his more basic combinations. Larkin lands a low kick but Tavares counters with a punch over the top. Tavares shots in for a double leg but Larkin defends as he is backed into the cage. Tavares is able to switch to the back of Larkin and sink in both hooks. 1:30 to go in the round as Tavares hunts for a rear naked choke. After hunting for the submission for over a minute, Larkin is able to reverse position on Tavares and end up on top before the bell.

    @MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Tavares

    Round Three: Tavares goes high with a kick that lands on Larkin as he was moved back against the cage.  Larkin is looking to find his rhythm but Tavares is looking much fresher than him. Tavares lands a straight right followed by a low kick. Tavares is keeping very busy. Larkin explodes forward with a three punch combination as Tavares is backed into the cage. Tavares with a spinning back fist. Larkin lands a front kick to the body – Tavares immediately changes levels for a take down but Larkin sprawls and hunts for a guillotine. Tavares defends. Larkin stands up and kicks the legs of Tavares as he lays on his back. Larkin walks away allowing him back up. Larkin throws a jab, Tavares wings a punch over the top. Tavares looks for another take down as Larkin defends against the cage. Larkin throws some big elbows (think: Travis Browne) as he defends. Tavares is covering up the side of his head. Tavares explodes to complete the take down but Larkin continues to defend. Larkin forces a separation and lands a big uppercut off the break. Tavares lands a heavy low kick to the lead leg of Larkin. Final 10 seconds – Tavares hunts for another take down but Larkin defends once more against the cage.

    @MikalMMA ‘s Scorecard: 10-9 Larkin

    Brad Tavares defeats Lorenz Larkin via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Luke Rockhold vs. Costa Philippou

Referee: Herb Dean

  • Round One: Philippou is backing away from Rockhold making him chase him as he will look to counter. Rockhold connects with a right hook as he closes the distance – Philippou counters with a right of his own but is pressed against the cage. Philippou creates space and circles away. Rockhold goes high with a kick. Philippou chases Rockhold looking to open up a combination. Rockhold bloodied the nose of Philippou. Rockhold lands a heavy kick to the body followed by another that drops Philippou. Herb dean steps in and the fight is over!Luke Rockhold defeats Costa Philippou via TKO (kicks to the body) at 2:31 in round 1.