For a while there, we all thought up-and-coming lightweight fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov was going to be facing Gilbert Melendez at UFC 170 – a belief Nurmagomedov himself shared. But somewhere between here and there the fight didn’t come together, and now the badass Russian with the spotless 21-0 is searching for the opponent that never was. And he’s taken his search to Twitter.

Clearly, Nurmagomedov is out to provoke Melendez into agreeing to the match-up. How do I know? Because he also tweeted this:

Khabib Nurmagemedov Twitter

Will Melendez take the bait? Considering how much the former Strikeforce champ has to lose and how little he has to gain if he takes on the Russian, probably not. But call-outs are fun, so just sit back and enjoy the show.