Former UFC champ and Hall of Fame inductee Tito Ortiz crashed his car and was arrested on suspicion of DUI, and now his ex-girlfriend Jenna Jameson is chiming in. According to gossip site TMZ, the pornstar-turned mom-turned trainwreck believes Ortiz is in some sort of downward spiral.

Jenna thinks Tito’s arrest after crashing his Porsche proves what she’s been saying all along — that Tito’s a bad dude, and told us — “A lot of people think he’s this fantastic guy … it’s just not true.”

She added, “Slowly but surely he’ll hang himself. Not literally, but figuratively.”

Jenna also explains how Tito’s arrest could lead to her snatching back custody of their 2 boys.

While it’s certainly true that Ortiz is now in a legal pickle thanks to his drinking and driving escapades, it’s somewhat murky as to what the outcome of it all will be in terms of guilt and punishment. But what’s an undeniable fact is this: no matter how much you like them, NEVER DATE A PORNSTAR. It can never end well.